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Sometimes we have struggles in our lives we want to let go of. You may have struggles that you have had for a long time and you have been yearning to break free from them.  Or maybe it’s a struggle that just appeared that you know in your heart you don’t want to hold on to. Whatever the case is there are times we all need a little help in life.


You might feel in your heart that you are meant to have a life full of love and happiness, but it just feels a little out of reach.


Maybe your life appears to be great, but you have a burning desire for something so much more but you not quite sure how to obtain it.


You may have many obligations and feel like you never have enough time to take care of everything. Or perhaps you don’t quite have the level of physical or mental health you desire and know that life changes are necessary—you just need help making them. Or maybe you feel like other peoples energy effects you greatly and you aren’t quite sure how to handle it.


Regardless of your reason you know it is time for a change, now that you’re ready, Amy is ready to help!


At Awakening, Amy offers Healing & Holistic Spiritual Empowerment Coaching designed to uplift you to live a life of empowerment and passion, that is totally balanced and full of love and light.  You deserve to have a truly amazing life!


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