My Story

When I moved to South Carolina to be with my now husband and start our new lives together, I decided it was a good time to take a few months off of work.


This was very unlike me because I’m the classic type A, do-it-yourself, I-can-handle-anything type of person who was used to working 70+ hours a week. In fact, the more I put on my plate, the more I had to do, the more important and accomplished I felt. I was busy being busy.   


What I thought was going to be a truly enjoyable time off, turned out to be anything but that! Going from a super busy schedule to doing absolutely nothing and being in a new city with no friends really took a toll on me.


What I thought identified who I was as a person, what made me thrive, was suddenly no more and I was faced with the reality of who I really was. I became super depressed and felt like I was sinking into a big, black, deep hole, leaving me crying for long periods of time for no apparent reason.


I was broken…and lost.

At the same time I moved, I also started suffering from chronic pain from cracking my tailbone for the second time in my life. I couldn't sleep, stand, or sit without being in terrible pain. I struggled with this for over a year and even started walking with a limp because the pain traveled down my leg.


I couldn’t take the pain, the depression and the crying anymore. I decided to dry my tears and start getting a grip on my life, so I found my Spiritual Meditation Teacher. She taught me how to meditate and how to be in control of my life. This decision was one of the best decisions of my life. Meditation helped me discover myself. It assisted me in discovering what made me tick. Soon I began to see the magical powers it had to offer—spiritually, mentally and physically.


Within 1 month I was off my pain meds, within 2 months my pain completely disappeared. Without a doubt, meditation changed my life. It really opened my eyes to the reality that all things have some sort of spiritual value, and I just knew I needed to dive deeper.  That was when that I discovered Energy Healing-Reiki, my love for crystals, my ability to heal others, my ability to channel through the Akashic Records, I was an Empath and super intuitive. I also discovered that when you connect more deeply, you can heal from the inside out.


The deeper I dived into my spiritual practices the more I knew this was my calling, this was my life purpose.  That burning desire for something more, I finally figured out the answer was to be a healer, a spiritual empowerment coach and teacher.


After 10 years in the Car Business working as a Finance Manager I finally had to courage to say yes to dreams and make my dream a reality. I had many spiritual teachers, and coaches along the way to help assist me on this path that I will be forever grateful for. 


I'm proud of the path I’ve taken and I know in my heart that I'm here to help people, to be a beacon of light. I've been a healer and mentor for some time now, and now I'm ready to be your mentor through my teachings as a Healer & Spiritual Empowerment Coach.

In light and love,


I Believe…

I believe that everyone needs a mentor/coach/ teacher; someone to support you and listen to what you have going on in your life.


I also believe that we are all meant to be happy; sometimes some of us just need a helping hand to find out where our true happiness lies and how to get it.


I want to help you discover that you truly can have an absolutely amazing life. Whether this happens by solving your biggest problems and overcoming your largest challenges or by getting rid of the things that aren’t helping you and replacing them with strategies that will you move forward, I want you to walk away with one notion in mind:        Nothing is impossible!

My Values…

I know in my heart that my life purpose is to serve people and help people grow; to lift them up to higher levels. To teach people to stand in there power and live a life of empowerment. The values I hold the most sacred when doing this involve having a relationship with my clients that is built on trust, confidentiality, and understanding.


By knowing that you can tell me anything without fear of being judged, together we can work toward creating the balanced life that promises you more happiness than you’ve ever dreamt possible!

Want to Know More?

If you’d like to learn more about what Amy can assist you with contact her today to connect and learn more about her signature program Sacred Awakening through the Akashic Records. Let’s start getting you where you want to be in life so you can finally have the sense of peace and balance you deserve!