What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an energetic recording of every thought, word, deed, motive, intention and feeling a soul has ever experienced since its first inception into a physical form. Your Record is like an in-depth, autobiography, written without judgment of choices made or outcomes manifested.  It is very interactive with the soul’s experience today because all past experiences and thoughts influence what is being attracted into your life now.  Past experiences also effects how one responds, relates or reacts to their life in the present moment. 


An Akashic Record Consult taps into the level of consciousness where your Records reside.  The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of your records are the Divine Keepers of your experiences.  During your session, Amy will move into the consciousness of your records.   She will share with you the answers to the questions you have prepared for your consultation as they receive it from The Masters Teachers and Loved Ones. 


Amy has been trained to move into the consciousness of your Akashic Records using the powerful crystalline energy.  In your session, you will receive the crystal healing energy as well as connect with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of your Akashic Records.   The experience is that of Divine guidance interlaced with unconditional love.




“A consult with The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of your Akashic Records is a combination of mental clarity, emotional support and spiritual alignment through Divine Wisdom and energetic healing”.  ~ The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones

Suggested Topics and Possible Questions to ask in your records:


Life/Soul’s Purpose

What is my Soul’s purpose this lifetime? What can I do now to help fulfill that purpose?  How do you suggest I move forward toward my purpose?


Spiritual Growth

What do you suggest I do (or add to my spiritual practices) to deepen my spiritual connection? 


Self Discovery

Give me a step by step process that will assist me in my personal evolution?  What would you like me to know now about myself that I am not seeing?


Relationship with Yourself

How can I deepen my relationship with myself?  How will I benefit from this practice? 


Personal Strengths and obstacles

What are my strengths?  How can I use them for the highest good? What self imposed obstacles have hindered me?  What is the payoff from using these obstacles?  Explain how I might remove them



What is the cause of my experience of_______________(back pain, allergies, rash, etc)?  What do you suggest I do to initiate healing?


Personal Finances/Business

How can I expand my business? What thought pattern/obstacles have placed in my way of prosperity?  What new thought/affirmation will assist in changing my perspective?


Personal Responsibilities/Mirroring

Why does _________________’s behavior trigger me?  What is s/he mirroring to me?  What lesson can I learn from this/ these experience(s)?


Relationships with others

What can I do to deepen my relationship (or improve) with _____________?


Other Topic….


Parenting~ Career- Improving/ Expanding/ Changing~ Assistance with work projects

Everyday experiences and/or challenges~ Root cause of challenges~ Hidden talents

Emotional wounds~ Core issues causing discord…. and many more!!!!