Are you tired of hearing a BIG FAT NO after you give your best pitch? You know you’re amazing at what you do… So why is selling to your potential clients SO hard?


Get more YES’s by mastering the art of Sacred Sales. For spiritual entrepreneurs, selling is a sacred practice just like your daily meditation rituals.


And the strength of your sales pitch actually starts with your daily spiritual practices.


When you take care of yourself, you’re able to confidently build rapport with your potential clients - which is the key to landing the sale!

Sacred Sales is a groundbreaking group program unlike anything else out there because it integrates deep spiritual work with proven sales techniques. This new, authentic way of learning to sell gives you the healing and sales training you need to get more success in your business.

So, you’re ready to hear more YES’s from your ideal clients?

Sacred Sales is for you if:

  • You already have a spiritual business or you have a strong desire to start one
  • You feel blocked when you go to speak confidently about what you do
  • You are ready to uncover and activate your spiritual gifts
  • You’re done with hearing big fat NO’s when you pitch

This 12 week           program includes:

  • 12 Live Group Training Calls ($5555 Value)
  • Private Facebook Group with Psychic Coaching (priceless)
  • 1 Crystallization of Self Activation ($444 Value) 
  • 3 months of Sacred Stones Monthly Healing ($999 Value)



The first 5 people to join will also receive:


24-Strand DNA Restructuring Activation ($699value)



This is one of the most powerful ways to unlock and magnify your hidden potential. Activating your DNA will release you from any bonds of time and past karmic regressions. Whatever is holding you back is wiped from your code so that you can move forward with more space for what’s truly in alignment with you. The restructuring piece locks the activation into your physical body so that repeat activations aren’t necessary.



Benefits of Activating And Restructuring Your DNA:


      - Enhances your psychic abilities and energy work
      - Aligns you with your soul’s purpose, which illuminates what you should be offering the world
      - Instills confidence, passion, and creativity in your work that flows effortlessly
      - Allows you to heal and prevent dis-ease in your life
      - Places you in the flow of manifesting your desires



If you pay in full, you’ll also receive:


Divine Awakening ($777 value)


This is full activation of the 14 chakras in your body that results in the complete union of the feminine and masculine energy. When both energies are present in your body, you can connect fully with Gaia (Mother Earth) and Source (Heavenly Father). Plus, you will also receive a complete transformation of the limiting beliefs within your chakras that are preventing you from taking action, owning your worth, sharing your gifts, and more. Removing these blocks awakens the chakras and allows access to the divine information they hold, which increases your intuition and assists you in manifesting your heart desires.


This includes two sessions: the first starts the activation and the second completes it. Upon completion, you will receive information on what limiting beliefs were transformed and any downloads Amy gets during the process. She works with your higher self, your guides, and in your Akashic Records to make this transformation possible.


Amy’s first client to sign up for Divine Awakening said, "she has never felt her chakras like this before!" Amy has the same feeling that her chakras are alive and she’s more connected to Source than ever. After she completed the full activation, Amy received three new clients the very next day.


When you change the energy in your body, you are able to attract the things that you truly want.


The entire program is valued at over $6998!    

Here’s a detailed look at each module:

Module 1:

Own Your Gifts



Prepare Your Vessel

Your success in sales is a direct reflection of the quality of your own spiritual rituals. Preparing your vessel is about making sure you take the best care of yourself first so that you can fully support new clients.


Activate Your Passion

Building your business around what truly lights up your soul is vital to your success in sales. When you identify your gifts and use them in every aspect of your business, you’ll easily have much more success.



This transformative course will take you on a journey to meet your Empowered Prosperous Future Self. This is a life changing experience that will enable you to fully own your gifts and more easily share them confidently with your clients.

Module 2:

Fine Tune Your Voice


Articulate Your Sacred Calling

This lesson includes a powerful energetic attunement that will clear any blocks you have around speaking about your work. Removing these blocks will make you a magnet for your ideal clients ready to invest.


Craft Your Inspiring Message

Learn a proven process of sharing your work and fully demonstrating your value so that you’re completely irresistible to your ideal clients.


Awakening Your Throat Chakra

This class includes another groundbreaking process that will align your voice and heart so you can share your message with more joy and ease.      

Module 3:

The Art of Spiritual Selling




Gracefully Offer Your Services

You will receive 3 essential tools to confidently make your offer easily and effortlessly. Your ideal clients will not be able to resist investing in your services.


Move From Desperation To Attraction

Being grounded in true abundance is one of the keys to true prosperity. This class will teach you how to shift your mindset and energy to attract your best clients from a place of authenticity and integrity.


Manifesting Your Money Miracle

This lesson will guide you through an empowering process to magnetize your monthly Money Goals so you can fully relax and enjoy your work. 

Module 4:

Put It All Together



Powerful Discovery Sessions That Sell

You will learn how to integrate everything you've learned so you can easily sign more clients and create prosperity in every area of your life and business.


Laser Coaching To Clear Your Blocks

Get all of your questions answered and receive laser coaching on anything standing in between you and your dream business so you can move forward with a lot more ease.


Tap Into Source

Receive powerful messages from Source that will help you uplevel your business and your life in this powerful class.

Are you ready for more success in your business?

Who Is Amy Robeson?







Amy Robeson spent 16 years working in sales and landing billions of dollars worth in contracts for her former employer. She combines her proven sales techniques with her spiritual practices to bring forth a powerful, authentic way of selling. Sacred Sales isn’t just about signing more clients, it’s also about ensuring you’re practicing exactly what you preach so that you can show up and confidently build rapport on your sales calls.


Building rapport is key to landing the sale and with Amy’s methods, you’ll have all of the tools you need to do this confidently.


Because if you’re only working for your clients and NOT taking time to work on your well being, this will block you from mastering the art of Sacred Sales. Amy’s foolproof sales method is based on these 3 essential elements: conviction, confidence, charisma.

Hear what a few of Amy’s clients said:

"When I first met Amy I knew I wanted her to train me in sales. She was very confident, gracefully and humble in what she has to offer. I was so excited after Amy taught me her step by step approach in selling. The first year of her training me I made over six figures. I followed her steps and still continue to do so today. Amy truly understands the art of selling and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have been trained by her. "


- Ric Marvin


“When I first met Amy, I was a single mom of a little boy and very confused about my life and future. I couldn’t pay my bills and had no direction or plan. The more time I spent with her, the more my mind changed to look at life differently. She believed better for me before I believed it myself. She helped me love myself and take control of my future. If there is one thing she taught me, it’s that I have the power to control my life. I was homeless and hopeless. Now, I make 6 figures and just bought my own house. Amy is meant to touch the lives and hearts of many people and give them the same she gave me. Confidence, will, and an excitement for life.”    


- Lindsay Peckham    

“WOW!! What an amazing healing session I had with Amy today! She found some super old wounds of mine that have probably been buried for 20+ years, something I would have never had thought would be holding me back from my growth!! She gave me specific instructions on how to get 'unstuck'. She's SUPER intuitive and is so magical with her healing. I could 'feel' her energy guiding me throughout the session. I so highly recommend her healing abilities and her sweet guidance.”    


- Rev Johanna |    


“I first met Amy on a 20 min Akashic Records call. She had gifted out several sessions and I was fortunate to see her post and make an appointment before her calendar filled up. I knew within that 20 minute call that she was the one that I was supposed to work with. I am now one of her VIP clients and I treasure the work that we do together, the support and guidance that I receive and the direction my life is taking as a result of doing the work. Amy has many gifts and she has a beautiful way of weaving them all together into one cohesive healing modality that is truly all her own. Amy is very much in alignment and communicates very clearly the messages that she receives. She has beautiful gifts to share with the world and you can feel from her how genuine she is, that she truly cares about her clients and their futures. She has walked me through amazing guided meditations and I feel blessed to work with her as my coach. I cannot wait to be a part of the wonderful things that she coming up.”    


- Marianne Gresham