When I first met Amy I looked at her and just thought she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. It wasn’t until later that I realized she was just as beautiful on the inside.  I was the single mom of a little boy and just very confused about my future and my life. I couldn’t pay my bills, and had no direction or plan. I started out just needing an ear to listen. The more I spent time with her the more my mind was programmed to think and look at life differently. She was gentle but also firm. She believed better for me before I believed it myself. She helped me to love myself and to take control of my future. And if there is one thing she taught me It’s that I am the one who has the power to change and take control of my life. I moved here and was homeless and hopeless. And now I make 6 figures, and just bought a house all by myself. I truly believe Amy was meant to touch lives and hearts of so many people and give them the same thing she gave me. A confidence, a will, and an excitement for life.

 ~Lindsay Peckham 

I have been working with Amy since January and the expansion in my spirituality that I have undergone has been incredible.

The number 1 thing I love about her the most is how thorough she is with EVERYTHING! This woman has some serious knowledge in just about everything and that is exactly what you need when you are looking to take your spirituality to the next level.


Her crystal membership club is ABSOLUTELY amazing and if you are not in it- get in. Every month she hand picks beautiful crystals and sends them right to your door. These aren't little cheap ones either AND she teaches you about them too!

Amy has been a massive support system for my inside of my business and has been the catalyst for me stepping into really owning my spiritual side and honestly just this post would never be enough to thank her for that!


No matter where you are on your spiritual journey if you have the opportunity to get on a call and feel her energy DO IT- totally life changing. After our 4 hour intensive I went on to have one of the biggest months in my biz!

She is the real deal and Amy I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me!

                                                                                                                                                                                               ~Autumn Clifford

Amy is absolutely amazing! She has helped me find clarity in my life, realize my full potential, and find the courage to act upon my dreams. Honestly, my entire life changed after going to see Amy. She helped me pinpoint what it is in my life that fulfills me by asking specific questions, creating exercises and my personal favorite—guided visualizations! Her fierce encouragement and caring nature helped me to finally have the strength and belief in myself to just go for it! I ended up quitting a job that wasn’t making me happy to pursue my dream of starting my own photography business. I couldn’t be happier! I appreciate her vast knowledge, and I will definitely be working with Amy in the future.

~Christine Lentz

When I started working with Amy Robeson to help me start putting together some offers and high-end packages, my income and confidence skyrocketed. I discovered that I was undercharging and within a few weeks I successfully doubled my prices for individual sessions. Shortly after that I sold my first premium one year coaching package using the tips she gave me. Amy really helped me understand how to value myself and my work and how to package and start selling my offers so I can do the work I love and get paid for it. I can use the tools and information she gave me to create a variety of coaching packages and options to suit my needs well into the future. 

                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Nancy Anger - Coach 

Working with Amy has been just incredible.  Amy has shown me that business doesn't have to fit into set and perfect boxes-it can be flexible and evolve as we do.  I have personally seen such growth in my intuitive gifts and vision for the future and my business has seen such incredible changes as I've implemented flexible strategies that fit around me, my life and work values.  The ease and flow of my business in 3 months of working with Amy has made it feel nearly unrecognizable, from what was such a fixed and stuck path I was on from everything else I had been taught in the past.


Amy has opened my eyes to what is possible when you not only tap into your intuition, but your true potential too and combine that with strategy and focus.  It is life changing!


I have gone from struggling for ideas to grow my business, taking a year to create and launch my group program for the first time feeling a sense of anxiety and nervousness, to absolutely flourishing through that program with Amy's encouragement and support, quickly creating and launching two more inspired offers and one new mini-course with amazing success and I have created another group program which is in development right now-all in the space of 3 months!  My income has grown whilst taking regular time away from work, which I could never do before.


Amy is one of those rare business coaches who actually fully and wholly practices what she shows all of her clients to do.   That level of integrity is close to my heart.  Thank you Amy.x



                                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Leila Hardy

The coaching I received from Amy helped me turn my life around in a dramatic way. Amy’s supportive nature was constant as we worked together during the last 6 months through yoga and life coaching. The wide range of topics we covered included setting and accomplishing personal goals, developing a positive mindset, how to take care of your body mentally and physically, and nutrition. I would not have made it as far as I did in 6 months, had it not been for Amy’s positive encouragement. I would highly recommend Amy to all based on her vast knowledge, her willingness to help others, and the inspiring example she sets for her clients!

~John Reiter